About Jeff Ellis Management

For more than 25 years Jeff Ellis Management has been an industry leader in aquatic safety and management. We have advanced lifeguard training and risk management services beyond the imaginable and as a result we've been credited with saving countless lives.

Our mission is twofold: deliver world-class aquatic facility management and swim instruction services, while acting as a trusted partner for our client-owners. We strive to provide a positive aquatic experience for all guests by adhering to our published safety guidelines and customer service objectives.

Some of our innovations and accomplishments include:

  • Established accountability-based lifeguard-credentialing system that consistently monitors performance to assure attentiveness and proactive swimmer protection.
  • The first lifeguard service provider to introduce and mandate the use of AEDs and oxygen support equipment to aid victims of aquatic accidents.
  • The first lifeguard service provider to develop and mandate equipment-based rescue-tube techniques to aid victims of aquatic accidents.
  • The only international lifeguard service provider to maintain a mandatory rescue database to track aquatic accidents.
  • Created the first objective driven vigilance awareness testing system to measure lifeguard attentiveness for maximum swimmer protection.

"Turn-Key" Aquatic Management

In 2003 Jeff Ellis Management services were offered and our first clients in South Florida (City of Coral Gables) began using our "turn-key" operations for their aquatic facilities. At the time Coral Gables was in search for an all-in-one aquatic management company. After joining JEM their cost of operations dropped 20 percent and their customer service and swimmer protection improved significantly.

Everyone who has chosen to bring JEM into their facility is still with us.

Jeff Ellis, President, Jeff Ellis Management

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