Hurricane Dorian Relief Effort
Bahamas flagThe Jeff Ellis Management team is heartbroken by the tragic disaster that has struck The Islands of the Bahamas. We've partnered with the Equilibrium Group to support the people who've been affected by this tragedy. 100% of the donations go towards providing disaster relief and support to the islands of The Bahamas. Please show your support and send a donation today!

Pool Party Request

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Terms and Conditions
1. The applicant and guests of applicant must abide by all rules and regulations set forth by the facility owner while participating and attending the applicant's private swimming party. 2. The applicant shall pay Jeff Ellis Management, LLC. a $25 service fee for trash removal and cleaning the premises at the conclusion of the private party. 3. The applicant shall pay Jeff Ellis Management, LLC. a $50 per hour labor fee to employ two (2) lifeguards who will oversee the safety and supervision of swimmers attending the private swimming party. If guest attendance exceeds fifty swimmers, applicant shall pay Jeff Ellis Management, LLC. an additional $25 per hour for labor. The maximum number of swimmers is limited to seventy-five guests. 4. The applicant assumes responsibility for removal of food, beverages, party equipment, etc. from the facility owner at the conclusion of the private swimming party. Additional support for cleaning and removal of trash is negotiable with Jeff Ellis Management, LLC.