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Jeff Ellis Management Official Statement about COVID-19
Thank you to our aquatic partners for taking precautions and staying safe during these unprecedented times. Remembering that COVID-19 is a serious virus and take into consideration safety for yourself and others around you. We as Jeff Ellis Management, take your facilities safety and the safety of any participants seriously. Please keep in mind that COVID-19 is transmitted through the air and not through water. Please CLICK HERE for more information. Properly maintained swimming pools, hot tubs and spas coupled with social distancing and increased facility cleaning and disinfecting procedures of surfaces outside of the pool work in combination to keep guests and staff safe. Please CLICK HERE for information pertaining to operations, maintenance and Jeff Ellis Swimming.

Pool Management

As the leader in pool management services we take care of all the little details that make your pool welcoming, safe and efficient. This covers everything from recruiting, lifeguard training, scheduling, programming, supervision, payroll, and so much more.

Become a Lifeguard

Are you interested in becoming a lifeguard? We offer some of the best lifeguard training available through the International Lifeguard Training Program. See just how rewarding it can be to make a difference everyday in peoples lives.

Learn to Swim

Our swimming classes are led by certified instructors and they’re available for children three years old and up. Find out today which location near you offers swimming lessons, water aerobics, junior lifeguarding classes and water safety seminars.

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Where We Started

Jeff Ellis Management is a product of a mission to improve aquatic safety and better serve aquatic facilities. After over 25 years of being globally recognized as the worldwide leader for aquatic safety by profoundly advancing professional lifeguard training and risk management services, we saw an opportunity to share our resources and set new standards for a pool service company managing aquatic facilities everywhere.

Our experience has helped us create an all-in-one pool management service that has been adopted by facilities throughout the United States. The quality of our service is recognized by insurance companies and medical professionals around the world; and this has enabled us to become a leader in aquatic management.

If you would like to learn more about Jeff Ellis Management and how our aquatic pool management services can help your aquatic facility improve its safety, efficiency, and overall community experience, contact us today and we’ll answer all of your questions.

What Parents Are Saying

Jeff Ellis Swimming customer

Vickey Rachow

Jeff Ellis Swimming Customer

The swim instructors the kids have are great. They keep the kids motivated and always have their safety in mind. It's nice to see the kids in the water doing something they love, and then take the confidence they build outsite the pool. I can see the kids really coming out of their shell and the instructors help support that by pushing them and giving them the opportunity to do what they love to do.

Why Choose Jeff Ellis Management

We strive to provide professional, reliable and affordable services that go unrivaled in the aquatic industry. As a partner we go above and beyond to ensure your facility is operating at the highest levels of safety, guest satisfaction, facility maintenance, and superior staffing. As a result of adopting Jeff Ellis Management services, insurance providers may even offer you better coverage at better rates for your facility. Don’t wait another day to get the priceless peace of mind that only comes with Jeff Ellis Management.

Management Services

Swim Classes

Pool Maintenance

Lifeguard Training

Pool Compliance

Lifeguard Auditing


Jim Capek, General Manager, Elgin Country Club

JEM is the best that I have ever seen. I have the confidence of not having to worry about an accident, the convenience of not having to hire competent lifeguards every year, the shift in liability, the responsiveness of their management team, and it is really economical when you factor in employee benefits and cost of general liability coverage. If I ever change clubs, I would certainly do everything in my power to bring JEM on board.

Jim Capek, General Manager, Elgin Country Club

I can't say enough great things about Jeff Ellis Management - I've been with the city for 21 years and contracting with Jeff Ellis ranks in our top 3 best accomplishments. They have been hugely impressive partners especially with lifeguard accountability and customer service - we've had a 25% decrease in costs over the years and a 400% increase in visitors.

Michael Sargis, Director, City of North Lauderdale Parks and Recreation Department