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Bahamas flagThe Jeff Ellis Management team is heartbroken by the tragic disaster that has struck The Islands of the Bahamas. We've partnered with the Equilibrium Group to support the people who've been affected by this tragedy. 100% of the donations go towards providing disaster relief and support to the islands of The Bahamas. Please show your support and send a donation today!

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Pool Maintenance Service

Pool maintenance is a very important part of managing an aquatic facility. It’s also very time-consuming as there are numerous daily tasks that must be completed. When you hire Jeff Ellis Management to perform these daily tasks, you get a premium service that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Our knowledgeable staff ensures your facility is properly maintained and runs efficiently at all times. For details about our Silver, Gold and Platinum pool maintenance service packages, contact us at (800) 742-8720.

algae prevention

Pool Algae Prevention

Don't let the appearance of algae stop guests from coming to your facility. Allow our trained and certified staff to stop algae growth and keep it out of sight for good.

commercial backwash filtration

Backwash Filtration System

Ever wonder if it's time to backwash your pools filtration system? Take the guess work out of maintenance and let our certified professionals decide when it's time.

brush skim vacuum pool

Brush, Skim and Vacuum

Need help with the weekly maintenance involved with taking care of a commercial aquatic facility? Our staff will handle brushing, skimming and vacuuming so you can focus your time on operations.

maintain pool water levels

Maintain Pool Water Level

Say goodbye to the hassle of keeping up with proper water levels when you hire Jeff Ellis Management to take over maintenance procedures.

manage pool equipment and inventory

Manage Equipment and Inventory

Tired of watching over pool equipment and buying chemical supplies? Allow Jeff Ellis Management to monitor your pools equipment and manage inventory of supplies.

monitor pool water quality

Monitor Pool Water Quality

Turn to the experts at Jeff Ellis Management to monitor pool water quality at your facility. The balancing of chlorine and pH levels is just the beginning of what our staff checks during each visit.

pool plumbing inspections

Pool Plumbing Inspections

Don't wait for plumbing problems to arise. Our trained and certified maintenance staff closely inspects your plumbing and equipment to make sure operations continue as usual.

pool cover removal and storage

Pool Cover Removal and Storage

Our seasonal pool maintenance service ensures your pool cover is properly removed, cleaned and stored each year.

pool facility cleanliness

Pool Cleanliness

As part of our effort to provide the best pool maintenance service we extend our care of your facility to outside of the pool to make sure all surrounding areas are kept clean.

pool opening and closing procedures

Pool Opening and Closing

If your facility doesn't have the luxury of staying open year-round, trust Jeff Ellis Management to carry out all of your opening and closing procedures.

pool repair recommendations

Repair Recommendations

Jeff Ellis Management consistently inspects equipment and recommends repairs so that your facility operates efficiently throughout the year.

Why Choose Jeff Ellis Management?

All pool maintenance companies share the goal of keeping a pool clean and running great, but very few have the experience, commitment and certifications that we do. Part of what makes our maintenance service so great is that we’re dedicated to finding and employing the best in the business. We surround ourselves with qualified and reliable professionals so you never have to worry about the maintenance of your facility.

Regardless if your facility is just now opening or it needs assistance with ongoing maintenance, let us handle it. If something ever goes wrong at your facility we quickly make the repair or find the solution. Our pool maintenance service is designed to bring your facility the highest levels of compliance, aquatic safety, and guest enjoyment.

For details about our Silver, Gold and Platinum maintenance service packages, contact us at (800) 742-8720.

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