Hurricane Dorian Relief Effort
Bahamas flagThe Jeff Ellis Management team is heartbroken by the tragic disaster that has struck The Islands of the Bahamas. We've partnered with the Equilibrium Group to support the people who've been affected by this tragedy. 100% of the donations go towards providing disaster relief and support to the islands of The Bahamas. Please show your support and send a donation today!

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Pool Management Service for Your Property

Over the years Jeff Ellis Management has managed pool services for just about every type of aquatic facility. Our experience has taught us that each industry and pool facility is unique and that it's important to understand the needs of the client above everything else. If you have a pool that needs to be managed and maintained, we'll make sure the job gets done right every time.


We work with apartment owners and property managers in order to design and implement pool services that fit your needs and meet the high demands of your residents. See how we can help today!

Condos and HOAs

Working with homeowner associations, property managers and residents of condos is what we do best. If you have a pool that needs to be serviced and managed, allow us to show you how we can help.

Federal, State and Local

As one of the leading aquatic service providers in the country, federal, state and local governments trust us to service and manage a number of their aquatic facilities to keep them operating efficiently.

Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and resorts count on us to operate and maintain their pools because we understand it's one of the most important amenities for guests. Let us show you how we take pool service to the next level.

Golf and Country Clubs

Golf and country clubs need to focus on building memberships and keeping guests happy. While you take care of the golf course we'll take care of the pool. See how we can help today!

Fitness Clubs

Safety and cleanliness are two objectives for every fitness center. If you want to provide your guests with a clean and safe aquatic environment, contact us to learn more about the Jeff Ellis Management experience.

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