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Jeff Ellis Management Official Statement about COVID-19
Thank you to our aquatic partners for taking precautions and staying safe during these unprecedented times. Remembering that COVID-19 is a serious virus and take into consideration safety for yourself and others around you. We as Jeff Ellis Management, take your facilities safety and the safety of any participants seriously. Please keep in mind that COVID-19 is transmitted through the air and not through water. Please CLICK HERE for more information. Properly maintained swimming pools, hot tubs and spas coupled with social distancing and increased facility cleaning and disinfecting procedures of surfaces outside of the pool work in combination to keep guests and staff safe. Please CLICK HERE for information pertaining to operations, maintenance and Jeff Ellis Swimming.

Lifeguard Auditing

At Jeff Ellis Management we take great pride in the quality of our lifeguards. In addition to providing one of the leading lifeguard training programs available, we have implemented a lifeguard auditing process that further instills our commitment to excellent aquatic management. The auditing program isn’t just designed to hold our lifeguards accountable; it also ensures the safety of your facility and its patrons. In case you’re just now learning about our service, we work hard to make sure the quality of our safety guidelines is never questioned.

Auditing lifeguard

The unannounced lifeguard audit begins when a member of our team arrives onsite while appearing to be a regular guest. The biggest task for the auditor is to secretly film the performance of all lifeguards and facility staff members. Failure to remain discrete is a compromise to the audit. Once the staff has been filmed the auditor reveals him or herself to the facility manager and arrangements are made to evaluate the skills of all lifeguards on site. The auditor will grade the staff on skills like CPR, rescue techniques, and more from our lifeguard audit checklist.

Our lifeguard auditing process doesn’t stop there. In order to make sure the entire facility is running as it should, the auditor will also review all documentation (sign-in sheets, maintenance records, accident records, witness reports, etc.) to ensure everything is in place and readily available.

This entire audit is created online using a tablet or smartphone in a secure access web portal we developed from the ground up. The auditor creates media rich reports containing photos, videos, grades for lifeguards, supervisors, managers, and the facility as a whole. Every Jeff Ellis Management client is provided with their own unique login credentials to this portal, which provides real-time access to every report created for their facility.

Lifeguard auditing is one of the many reasons why we’re one of the most trusted and respected aquatic management companies. We strive for excellence and we expect the same from the staff we hire and the properties we manage.

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