Federal, State and Local Government Services

Our reputation has established us as one of the leading aquatic facility service providers in the country and we're trusted by federal, state and local government locations for a variety of aquatic services. Whether it's a federal government project or a city-owned community pool, you can count on Jeff Ellis Management to deliver top-notch services and results.

The government must choose who they work with carefully because their reputation is on the line as much as the company that they hire. The government is also under a budget and we’ll work with you to develop a service plan that that doesn't surpass it. When it comes to an aquatic management provider, the government expects to hire a company that is accountable for their actions. They also expect the company to adhere to strict regulations involving policies and safety. With Jeff Ellis Management you’ll get the peace of mind you’ve been searching for.

Many of our services can be specifically designed to meet the demands of the public sector. Regardless of how challenging the job may be, we'll work with you to cut costs, increase safety, and provide pool services that go beyond your expectations.

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