Jeff Ellis Management History

There was a time when water parks were a fresh and cutting-edge idea. People loved them and trips to the water park quickly became a fun thing to do for the entire family. Unfortunately water park incidents in the early 1980s became national news and it was clear that new reforms in aquatic safety were due.

With experience in the fields of risk management and aquatics, Jeff Ellis identified the issues surrounding aquatic safety and created a new, safety driven program geared towards accident prevention and accountability. The methods devised were of such quality and effectiveness that insurance companies were more willing to insure parks that adopted the program. In less than 10 years, 80 percent of the country's water parks were clients of Ellis & Associates.

In 2004, after 20 years of revolutionary lifeguard training and licensing, Jeff Ellis decided to take the success of his international lifeguard training program one step further by developing a complete facility management program. A program, which not only holds lifeguards to the same standards of paramount safety, but also includes protocols and services of:

Today lifeguards across the country wear Jeff Ellis Management uniforms as they scan their zones and ensure a safe, fun atmosphere for park guests and aquatic facilities alike. Through constant innovation, facility review and open communication with property management, Jeff Ellis Management has experienced continual growth, customer and client satisfaction, and most importantly improved safety.