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How Many Adults Actually Know How to Swim?

woman swimming in water

Learning how to swim for the first time as an adult – it’s intimidating, it’s scary, but is overall worth it.

Over and over again, individuals hear of the importance of children learning how to swim – not only as a literal lifesaving skill but also as great exercise and confidence building. But what about adults who do not know how to swim? According to a survey conducted by the American Red Cross, more than half of all Americans either can’t swim or do not have all of the basic swimming skills to pass a basic swimming test – or even stay afloat if they ever found themselves in over their head in deep water.

In many cases, some of these said adults could “doggy paddle” enough to stay afloat for a while. However, aside from that, the ability to float, tread water, or even swim forward with front crawl or breaststroke is not part of their swimming skillset to get safely from Point A to Point B in a large body of water.

Anxiety surrounds a lot of adults who do not know how to swim; it could be derived from past terrifying experiences when they were younger, or they could have grown up in a region where learning how to swim was not a priority.

For adults beginning their learn-to-swim journey, the first step is understanding the importance of having a lifesaving skill such as swimming. The second step is, as an adult who doesn’t know how to swim, is to not be ashamed or embarrassed to learn – no matter your current age. “You can take a full adult learn-to-swim class or take private sessions until you feel comfortable enough to build on the basics,” says Director of Jeff Ellis Swimming, Jem Hughes. “Once you build the basics down, you can then transfer to watching instructional videos online and practicing in your own time at your local community pool, in the presence of a lifeguard on duty.”  Another thing that adults wanting to learn how to swim at a later age grow anxious about is the thought of having a swim instructor half their age teaching them. “It can be a bit intimidating at first,” says Hughes. “However, know that there is nothing to be embarrassed about and there is no judgment. In fact, swim instructors from all backgrounds are advocates for all individuals learning how to swim. Our swim instructors are trained and certified to teach all age levels.” Learning how to swim – whether in your late teens or well into your senior years - is highly respected across all boards.

Swimming is also a great form of exercise, as you are working out your entire body. Not only are you utilizing and exercising many different muscle groups, but swimming is also easy on your joints. (This is why many avid runners turn to swimming as an alternative workout since there is less impact on their knees.) Swimming can help with posture, breathing, muscle aches, and pain. It is an all-around great workout for your body.

Many benefits surround learning how to swim, however, most importantly, you are learning a skill that could potentially save your life – or help you save a life – one day.

Learn more about adult swimming lessons with Jeff Ellis Swimming or find local adult swimming or private lessons in your community today. For additional tips to help get you started, read this informative article here.