Monitor Pool Water Quality

Nothing is more important for commercial pool operators than the health and safety of guests. An important part of maintaining guest safety is monitoring pool water quality. However keeping the proper chemical balance in a pool is no easy task as it requires constant evaluation from a trained professional.

monitor pool water quality

Monitoring pH and chlorine levels is just the beginning of managing pool water quality. Additional variables that must be monitored on a regular basis include alkalinity, calcium hardness, iron, and copper. Each state has regulations on how frequent water quality testing is required for public facilities and we make sure all guidelines are strictly followed.

The most important factor when testing for all of these chemical balances is accuracy. We train our staff to ensure accuracy is achieved with each test. We obtain samples at least six inches below the waters surface and thoroughly rinse all test tubes before and after using them.

If you have questions about monitoring pool water quality or finding accurate test kits, turn to the experts at Jeff Ellis Management. Our full range of pool maintenance services will take out all of the hassle of keeping up with day-to-day monitoring. Contact us at (800) 742-8720 to learn more.

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