Hurricane Dorian Relief Effort
Bahamas flagThe Jeff Ellis Management team is heartbroken by the tragic disaster that has struck The Islands of the Bahamas. We've partnered with the Equilibrium Group to support the people who've been affected by this tragedy. 100% of the donations go towards providing disaster relief and support to the islands of The Bahamas. Please show your support and send a donation today!

Algae Prevention

Algae growth is a year-round concern for commercial pool operators and that is why we list pool algae prevention as one of our primary pool maintenance services. It is rare for a pool owner to not deal with algae problems at one time or another. Even with constant monitoring and properly functioning equipment, algae blooms can still develop.

pool algae

The most important step in pool algae prevention is stopping microscopic algae spores from becoming full algae blooms. Algae enters the pool through wind, rain and dirt. Swimmers are also responsible for bringing algae into pools through sweat and dead skin cells. It is impossible to stop algae from entering the pool, but our pool maintenance packages prevent blooms and keep your water looking clean.

How do we prevent pool algae growth? Our maintenance staff ensures your pool is operating at its best by performing the following steps:

  • Maintaining chlorine levels
  • Eliminating phosphate build-up
  • Making sure the circulation system is running
  • Scheduled brushing, skimming and vacuuming
  • And so much more

Regular maintenance is the key ingredient to pool algae prevention. Our full range of pool maintenance services will help keep your pool looking crystal clear while operating at its best. For information about our pool maintenance services please contact us at (800) 742-8720.

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