Private Swim Lesson Swim Class

Notice! A minimum of 3 students is required for each swim class to be held.
Private Swim Lesson class at Borough of Dormont

Borough of Dormont

June 24th, 2019 to July 3rd, 2019

9:00am to 9:30am

Class Days: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu

Registration Closes: June 21st, 2019

Class # 4937
Class Level: Private Swim Lesson
Price: $70.00
Open to the public
Private swim lessons are available for participants who are looking for one-on-one instruction. Sessions are 30 minutes long and each one is tailored to your individual needs.
Instructor Comments: *Prorated to 7 days of class due to 4th of July* This is a Semi-Private lesson. Maximum is 2 participants to 1 instructor.

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